Healthy nutrition is linked directly to the conditions in which food products have been produced. Any natural food product – fruit, vegetable or grain -  grows from the soil. In other words words, any grains, fruits, vegetables or herbs that people consume either raw or processed get their nutrition and vital elements in the first place before they become food to humans or feed to animals.

Healthy environment and balanced, healthy condition of the soil are the basis for the production of  quality foods, which are rich with taste and color and full of natural vital nutrients.

Healthy nutrition is the basis of sustainable living. Balanced diet based on organic and biodynamic foods is the ultimate key to healthy nutrition. Whatever we consume as food provides us with vital nutrients and elements, and it is important to keep that primary supply as clean and healthy as possible.

Modern biodynamic farming can produce the complete range of high quality, healthy biodynamic foods which can fulfill the basic needs for helthy nutrition in the best possible way.

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